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Todd Crail (
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 11:10:57 -0500

Hey Patrick, thanks for responding :)

Oh boy cell smashing :) So basically Linneaus was smoking crack when he
thought words would be the smallest divisible units for calling something
that everyone was eh? lol It should be a fun time once everything is
referenced by GPS coordinates or something similar heh. Hopefully they'll
have that Dr. Bones McCoy little scanner thingie that ties into the
universal satellite database to identify everything, and with that, still be
affordable to the common, grant-less or research sponsor-less man lol.

Still, it's so neat to think about how taxonomy will progress in the next
decade or so. Back when I was really working with marine Cnidarians, this
sort of thing would pop up continually. Everyone wanted to know "what the
species is". *Yeah right*... It'll take how long to identify a set number
of vertebrates in an area that's pretty much completely developed...? And
with reefkeeping, you're lucky to know the country of origin, let alone the
island or atoll. hehhehhehheh.

I may just have to make the drive up to Madison... It's sounding better and
better with each piece of info I'm getting :)


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> And Todd, about your comment ....
> "I'd always wondered how species that are typical in headwaters
> do not radiate... Or maybe they are.. "
> They have radiated / are radiating. The more we look, the more we
> realize that many different headwater fishes, each currently recognized
> as one wide-ranging & morphologically variable species, are actually a
> complex of related species. Just give us some more time to get it all
> figured out! There will be a few talks at DarterFest 2003 that will
> discuss some of the works in progress.
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