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Fri, 2 Jan 2004 12:41:34 EST

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> What native species are illegal for an individual to propagate (other than
> protected species, which are illegal to possess)?
Game fish, in my state that is all the sunfish, even the small ones, and any
other fish related to gamefish.

> In what states is it illegal to propagate native fishes?
In my state again you must have an aquaculture licensee to breed gamefish.
Even if they are too small to really be gamefish.
> If it's illegal, why does Jonah's Aquarium sell them?
Because if you have the permits to breed them you can sell them to other
people who sell them. But again you have to have the permits to breed them. Some
fish that are considered baitfish can be collected and sold. In my state
catfish can be collected and sold to my hearts content (last time I checked anyway)
but a blue spotted sunfish has to breed in captivity to be sold.


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