Re: NANFA-- "Ugliest fish in North America"

Todd Crail (
Mon, 5 Jan 2004 15:19:39 -0500

Right... That's what I meant by "oxymoronic". While "lets find a happy
medium" is indeed, a weak battle cry... "Let's do the right thing, starting
now" is not.

The middle just needs armed with the information that shows naturally
buffered development only _increases_ property value, that sustainable
practices in industry and resources development only distribute the "wealth"
among the masses instead of converting into hard capital for a few
individual's pockets, etc ad nauseum.

It's amazing how angry you can get a "middle of the road" person by telling
them how _easy_ it is for us to all live sustainably, and affordably well...
And how a few people have successfully propogated that it's not, because
it's in their best interest to keep everyone using their power to stay out
of the "dark".

In that light, topics like "clean diesel fuel" and "fuel efficiency" lay in
the backwaters of development because a few people have successfully vetoed
work in that regard because it's "not good enough". Typical of this would
be represented a NOFX song as it states: "The President is laughing 'cause
he voted for Nader".

So really, I _don't_ understand both sides of the argument. However, I _do_
understand the one that needs to be talked about more frequently! :)

And only armed with this information, will votes change because
"conservative values" seems to have the en vogue connotation to the masses
in our common era. When I _unfortunately_ teased my mom that she was
dangerously close to a "liberal wacko" for finally listening to me and
tearing out the purple loostrife in her garden, and in their stead, planting
some native plants... Her defensive response to my _thoughtless_ comment
really drove the perception problem home.

It was like "It was _just_ a joke". But it sure wasn't funny.

Okay.. I've made enough of a point and this is dangerously close to straying
from native fish, so I'll digress and get back to work.... ;)

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> The problem is that the "Reasonable Lump In The Middle" is not as
passionate as
> the fringe lunatics. It's hard to get pumped up about something that seems
> completely logical. Know what I mean? It's hard to take a vehement stand
when you
> understand both sides of the argument. "Let's find a happy medium" is not
> effective battle cry. The extremists will always be louder. We simply have
to out
> vote them.
> Ty
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