RE: NANFA-- Members win MWF award
Mon, 5 Jan 2004 15:27:20 -0600

On 29 Dec, the Mississippi Wildlife Federation (state affiliate of the
National Wildlife Federation) announced that two NANFA members, Tyler
Strange and Heather Smith, would receive the 2003 Youth Conservationists of
the Year Award. Heather and Tyler worked collaboratively on several fish
projects during the past year: 1) fish communities in floodplain pools of
the lower Mississippi River; 2) rescue-and-release of stranded alligator
gar; 3) fishes eaten by cottonmouths and banded water snakes in an oxbow
lake; 4) "Fabulous Fishes," our local hands-on ichthyology workshop for the
general public; 5) spaghetti tag retention and radio-tag attachment in
alligator gar. Heather and Tyler also assisted in laboratory studies of
sturgeon, conducted a reptile show at a wildlife summer camp, demonstrated
seining technique and fish communities for a conference of bird watchers and
biologists, and assisted in the Christmas Bird Count for the Mississippi
Audubon Society (see link below). These projects were all done on their own
time and with no outside funding, although Dena and I provided technical and
logistic assistance. Tyler and Heather are two of the finest naturalists
that we know and have the pleasure of working with, but it is particularly
gratifying to have the MWF recognize the value of their research and
educational projects.
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