Re: NANFA-- "Ugliest fish in North America"

Steffen Hellner (
Tue, 06 Jan 2004 09:39:42 +0100

Nicely argumented. But I tend to see and treat things more simple after
having thought about it again and again for two decades:

1st: The majority of people all around the world generally looks at nature
conservation not as protecting our natural basis but as an "extra" we can
afford as long as economy is well off. If not so, then it is obsolet. Money
comes first. Or did I misunderstand you, Mr. Bush? Or Mr.
President/Chancellor of most countries and most firms around the globe?

2nd: Idiots of all kind and groups have trained the younger generations to
play Gameboy, Playstation, be interested in fancy cars, cloths, fashion,
money, career and whatever is profitable for industry and trade. Not
reading, learning, thinking, not at least caring seriously for environment
and our future. The big play must go on. It4s enough to have some tigers,
crocs, and Pandas in the zoos.

3rd: People tend to take the smooth way. Opportunism rules everywhere. And
mediocracy. And the majority is either too dumn, too lazy or too much bound
to particular interests to be able or willing to change something. This
could mean to get problems. Very few people are willing to take that risk.
Still, if one is really active in doing something he is widely seen and
treated as an "ecological nuts".

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