Re: NANFA-- "Ugliest fish in North America"

Steffen Hellner (
Tue, 06 Jan 2004 21:47:00 +0100

I have a different and possibly very singular opportunity on this. I doubt
ancient societies to have been or still are more responsible than modern
societies. They simply didn4t have the tools they have today. Neither
Indians nor African have ever been "honorable wilds" more than there were
"honorable" europeans. Look how people in Africa destroy their fundament. I
spent three weeks in a family in Sierra Leone. In a flat with tin roof. The
people were absolutely nice, friendly and caring for us visitors. But they
didn4t pay respect to nature or animals. There are two categories in Africa:
1st everything one can eat or trade with. 2nd everything else. First
category is being relendlessly exploited. Category 2 is killed or destroyed
whenever encountered because it is worthless. The entire land is digged for
gems and the rainforest was cut to 95% in 1989 already. They kill every
snake, every bug, every lizzard ... they can get a hand on. In Gaboon they
kill the schimpansees and gorillas because they are easier to get than
antilopes or other game. OK, they pay the bill in part with Ebola, but the
primates will be gone way before AIDS, Ebola, and war will repell the
continent into stoneage. I could tell you some nice stories about how they
treat their girls and women. Think you don4t want to hear that over a public
server. I don4t think I4ll ever go back to Africa. The cuccoo flies
everywhere there.

What people do in Borneo is possibly worse than what happens to the
rainforest in South America. The islands forests are about to be
systematically eradicated. Ok, I admit that much of this process is
initialized by the profit maximization of industrial countries. But only as
a trigger or catalysator. The Congo rainforest has one sole but strong
companion: war. As long as there is war and rebellation there won4t be any
form of organization and consequently no economic "progress". And it keeps
population down. That4s why there is this wide and untouched forests,
swamps, and savannas. I know this sounds cynical and don4t wish people to
live in war but to me it is obvious that this is the mechanism working for
nature there. Same with Angola, and Uganda.

Of course there are people in all countries who are aware of what is going
on and try to do what they can to fight it. But ignorance and profit
thinking will always be stronger. Or at least for a long time ahead.

Want a Mountain-Gorilla? You will get it from Ruanda! The only problem is to
get it into your country. CITES is to control the countries of origin
mainly. Look at madagascar. The new government cut all exports of animals to
protect nature (official version). Now, that the bakshish is organized and
split there are thousands and thousands of animals being exported again.
Look how penny-priced Mantella are sold in the USA. And in what masses. It4s
a shame. And its more or less everywhere the same. Brazil too is
predominatly protecting its home animal-mafia rather than nature. Keeps the
profit inside. And who the fu.. was Chico Mendez? Did they even search for
his murder? No.

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