Re: NANFA-- Re: nanfa V1 #1894 : Biophilia

Steffen Hellner (
Fri, 09 Jan 2004 11:37:47 +0100


would like to read the original article of AFIH if possible. Can4t get it
here, surely.

I don4t know anybody in Germany or even Europe maintaining or breeding any
Bolitoglossa. There are never articles on this neither are offers or seeks.
Salamanders is a really exotic hobby here compared to dartfrogs or reptiles.
There aren4t even many Ambystoma and Pseudotriton or Eurycea. This will
hopefully change. A friend of mine is seeking an Aneidea species (not
aeneus), the brown one from the west, don4t have it4s name present. More
than this I don4t have any knowledge about seeking of north american
species. Only one other friends wants hellbenders but I doubt he will be
able to give them proper housing.

I know one guy who is into the Taricha from California which are of high
interest to me as well. He went collecting though I doubt he had legal
permit. Lucky not to have been grapped. But I don4t agree to that behaviour.
I either have a permit or leave it.

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