Re: NANFA-- Bullhead parasite.

unclescott (
Fri, 9 Jan 2004 10:37:03 -0600

Anthelmintics such as levimisole and Flubenzedol have worked quite well in
eliminating hydra, parasitic worms and copepods, both of an external and
internal nature. It has been recommended for treating worms by Dr. Peter
Burgess in a couple of his recent books.

First used with a disease called glugea, found on imported Nothobranchius,
it was also discovered to be very effective against camallanus. It threatens
to become the wonder treatment among killinuts. (Most recently used against
velvet. I tried it too and son of a gun!)


A couple of on line sources are

Discomed from Aquatronics (pink package) is one of the commonly available
packaged forms.
lists shops which carry their products.

The anthelmintics seem to leave the fish and plants alone. However it has
been noticed that snails begin dying after a week. As with all medications
they should be removed by water changes or maybe activated carbon when the
medication period is over.

There are a bunch of anthelmintics which could be used. Because they are not
very soluable, they are hard to overdose, but they are absorbed by fish.
Some people mix them with medicines and one could wonder if overdosing would
be possible there.

If that Bullhead parasite doesn't go away after treatment, it is a split
barbel. ;)

All the best!

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