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Lance Merry (
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 20:47:25 -0800 (PST)

I've got a more negative view over all of this. I'm thinking that the species low in numbers and suffering from mans' presence is going to bite the dust anyway. I relize that the government tries to help endangered species species back to existesnce but when the overall public could give a rats ass about a darter or sunny what is the government to do? Species will keep going extict if no one care...the government can do all it wants but as long as no one really cares how much good is it? For example; I'm out with freinds, we get something to eat, and what happens to the trash? it goes out the window and over the bridge. What am I to do? "hey stop that" pfft yeah ok. My neighbor gets a plot of farmland gets a plot a farmland and he cuts all the trees down up to the creek for what? "one more row" he says. No one cares because what is this creek with an abundance of life in it? "A ditch that drains water" This fad of nice houses, malls, large SUV's, and money are killing everyth
ing in
site. I mean, in my high school of 450, I am the only student that fishes and has aquariums. Back to my point that no one cares, and I really don't think we can do anything about it untill people can SEE what they are doing and then it's too late...there's the problem, people think if they can't see it, it's not there. I had a lady that works at the state park tell me last year that "They need to take the log jams out of the river, they look bad." !!!!!!!!

Lance Merry

Decatur IL
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