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R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 23:14:25 -0600

> Ray, how does this impact you? How is it a pet peeve? Isn't it better to
> err on the side of caution?

As I said, fish or other living things do not follow man made boundaries.
Why is something protected on one side of the man made boundary, and not the
other? To be honest, many of the examples I come up with are fish in
Illinois and surrounding states. Illinois is a unique state, because of how
much it changes from north to south.

The ends of ranges are usually due to climate or habitat types changing.
Nothing listing will do will change this. Listing the fish won't make it
warmer up north, or cooler down south, it will not lower or raise elevation,
change bed rock and natural habitats formed over thousands of years. Maybe
this is the only thing that will work, since it is not likely state borders
will be changed to reflect habitat types and drainages.

It doesn't impact me, but with these things you can't touch, can't bother at
all. If that something happens to turn up on your property or deals with how
you make a living, you might just be out on the street.

Things like the success with bald eagles and timber wolves are to be
applauded.. To be fair, big, pretty animals with general public interest,
but still a process that updated the public was used. If the public is not
involved, except to be a punching bag when something goes wrong, then how
can any one expect respect from the public on this issue? Being a
professional in any field , you can't point at one part of your job and
expect your boss to be impressed with that to know you will do that with the
rest of your job as long as you are doing it. You have to prove yourself
again and again. To be fair again, finally in the past decade agencies are
working with land owners to help land use work with preserving correct
habitat. That is a good thing, since it's not very professional to work
against those you are serving.

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