Re: NANFA-- r (hellbenders plus!)

Steffen Hellner (
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 09:56:20 +0100

> I have found _nothing_ but _open doors_ to working with imperiled species
> agencies are limited on funding, people, etc (ie they actually _do_ need
> your help) if the amateur is willing to eat their ego that they can "do it
> better" and make their noble aspirations expressed through letters, email,
> and especially showing up to local volunteer outings, etc. Offering to
> _unselfishly_ help is the basis for building credentials and reputation,
> is the golden road to working with the most difficult species or those in
> greatest decline.
Over all I4ve made similar experiences. Museums are happy to receive
material and data on collections. Scientists highly appreciate contributions
to their work from hobbyists, most of all at least. Now, the state
department has agreed to a monitoring-project on fire salamanders. I just
applied for it and outlined what and how I want to do. Fairly simple as
there is so much to do and so few people wanting to.

> In other words, I don't think it's any mistake or chance that I've gone
> a local Nature Conservancy volunteer... To having worked with a Federally
> listed animal, approached to join the academic community, asked to provide
> identification on species and provide survey work by an assortment of
> agencies and academics, etc ad nauseum...
Which animal was it?

> All in three years.
That4s fast, farmer!

> The _ethical_ hobbyist has _opportunity_
Absolutely. But not everywhere. There too is jelousy in scientists,
especially in those who work on taxonomy. Publications count.

> It's funny how far you can get being unselfish, to actually realize selfish
> goals. I used to be able to "do it better" too, and never got anywhere.
Isn4t it this way in every aspect?

> And with that... I'm done with this thread. It's case closed to me, and is
> the point where I'll agree to disagree :)
OK, I as well think we4re done.

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