Re: NANFA-- Collecting ethics

Steffen Hellner (
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 10:22:43 +0100

> I know this is going to make me even more unpopular that ever but I really
> think we are arguing a point that if it hasn't become completely moot it
> certainly is rapidly becoming exactly that. While I don't collect things that
> are
> endangered it's mostly a personal feeling that it's wrong not because I think
> the
> species will survive better if I leave it alone. What we see all around us is
> an almost totally collapsed ecosystem compared to what it was 1000 years ago
> what we think of as pristine is a joke. Even 100 years ago we would be amazed
> at the real difference between then and now. While I don't advocate totally
> undisciplined collecting of animals if we think that weather or not catching a
> hellbender to keep on display or for any other purpose does anything but delay
> the inevitable we need to think again. I really don't expect my grandkids to
> see a live hellbender, sturgeon or for that matter elephant or tiger. It's too
> late all we can do is slow the process down a tiny bit but never think it can
> be stopped. Now I'll go back to drinking and stay out of it.
What to say?



P.S.: As Martin Luther said: And if I knew to dye tomorrow I would still
plant a tree today.
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