Re: NANFA-- Collecting ethics

Steffen Hellner (
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:52:27 +0100

man, you4re terribly right in many aspects.

> Measuring the passion quotient is easy. Look at the huge number of
> hobbyists in the world and you tell me how many have the incling that
> tropical fish actually come from a real place!
This is what makes me sad often. But there are many left still who know and
can contribute. The mass however is just consumers.

> Rember the thread about how people are told that you have to boil your
> driftwood and rocks before you put them in your aquarium?
I am fighting this nonsense ever since! There is another article in
preparation upon water conditions and what they really mean to our fish,
what is neccessary and what is obsolet.

> And hobbyists have a tendency to keep their aquariums sparkling
> clean. No algae and no detritus is how fish are supposed to be kept? As
> these fish are never exposed to mud, pathogens, or algae in their natural
> environment.
Again, the consumers, yes. It is our task to steer against this by any means
we have. The pet industry is really bad in this concern.

> Hobbyists don't think of where there fish come from, they just
> think of them in the tank. Again, this is shear numbers alone. The exact
> opposite thinking is what endeared me to NANFA. A group of hobbyists who
> are really in tune with their animals *and* the natural environments where
> they come from. We can have intelligent debates about all these topics.
> But I don't believe that you can tell me that the percentage of hobbyists
> this country who have a serious passion about their animals is the same as
> in the professional world. Again its all about numbers. And we all b*tch
> about the "average" hobbyist on this list server.
I was and am only speaking of NANFA-like type of aquarists, not the
platy-keepers with a bunch of everything in their tanks. Those won4t even
think about collecting in the field. Another example: When I received my
SRBD, northern studfish, and three species of darters in March 2003 the
veterinarian at the airport asked me how many species were in the box. I
said five. She became intense (not to say angry) and shouted: No, it4s all
one species! Gee, she wasn4t able to tell perch from carpfish! And she is
responsible for wildlife protection by controlling imports and exports. It4s
good to know that these people are so professionell and packed with
knowledge. And this person is not an exception but the average. Any other
experiences are welcome.

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