Re: NANFA-- Collecting ethics
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 11:47:09 EST

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> I don't buy that. I think the percentage of passion is probably the same.
> The
> hobbyist has only passion as a driving force, The professional has both
> passion and livelihood. Quantitative evaluation is impossible since I
> know
> how to measure the passion quotient.
I have to agree with you, professional biologists that would be in the
position to be interested in fish probably don't make enough money to make up for
any lack of passion. To do that kind of work almost certainly needs a passion
for the animals and the science to make up for lack of material gain. A
biologist could make far more money working on bio weapons than ecology. I have a lot
of respect for anyone who works due to a need to make things better than for
the money.


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