Re: NANFA-- News: GloFish in the news

Steffen Hellner (
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 21:13:29 +0100

Moon, your essay is convincing. I was not against genetic manipulation when
it first came up. And I agree with it when it is about human organs from
pigs, medicin producing bacteria etc. I don4t like what you mentioned, the
plants that produce unnatural pesticides and most the manipulated bacteria
which may cause enormous harm to mankind. But then, it would only strike the

The glow fish I dislike because they are unneccessary (I know, we humans
tend to do such things for fun in any aspect) and I like wild types. These
glowfish won4t harm the wild, for sure. The Betta splendens has proved that
the natural type is supreme. I think there are so many wonderful fish that
these swimming neonlights are obsolet.

What I dislike in transgene corn is that it is not declared properly and not
cleared what substances it really contains. And the consecutive mechanisms
of gene transfer are not cleared up o my information.

Finally: I am waiting for the ten-legged-chicken and how they can be caught.
The will be tremendously fast!;-)

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