RE: NANFA-- Collecting ethics

Michael Wolfe (
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 22:08:37 -0600

Conversation such as the one that has been ongoing are the life blood of
intelligent thought. We all must be challenged to understand our own
opinions. Most people never take the time to know why they believe what
they say they believe. I am proud of this group for taking the time and
expending the energy to investigate their thoughts.

I was all ready to jump into the fray earlier and express my admittedly
rather libertarian objections to any one telling me what I could or could
not do, or keep. That is my decision to make and is likely not something
that any form of government could really do very well. And yes, I do
understand that I am not the average (thank goodness) guy with an aquarium
(or two, or three or four, or... no honey that's just a container of
water... with a few fish in it... it's not really an aquarium). But it is
up to us non-average folk to help the others understand. I am not a
professional educator... but I take every opportunity to educate those that
I come into contact with regarding the natural world that they pass by
everyday and never notice or take for granted.

As I mentioned I was al ready to state the above and more... and then I
thought that I would double check a statement or two that I thought was in
the NANFA mission. So I went to the web site and actually read the NANFA
Mission (Objectives and Code of Ethics). I highly recommend it... read
slowly and thoughtfully... it's pretty much all there... both sides of the
coin we discussed... fairly well balanced without being wishy washy or

Again, I am proud of this group... thanks for inducing thought... mine,
yours, and hopefully others.

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