Re: NANFA-- Collecting ethics

Steffen Hellner (
Tue, 13 Jan 2004 13:06:05 +0100

> I doubt that we are going to find any animal that was brought to extinction
> by over collecting by hobbyists even though we do catch the blame for this
> through insinuation. Nonetheless even if collecting by hobbyists isn't the
> primary
> cause it can be the straw that broke the camels back in some cases. My
> thoughts on this issue is that the worst reason for species becoming rare
> should be
> addressed first but while a species is under extreme stress due to habitat
> destruction collecting them for the hobby is not a good idea.
Absolutely! But if a species is below its capability of recovering it should
be taken out and brought up again, not by hobbyists but by organisations in
whcih hobbyists can take a good part. There are and will be many candidates
for this.

> I just get tired of hearing how hobbyists are destroying the environment by
> collecting while other far more destructive problems are being ignored.
Me too, but this is going on and on.

> Hobbyists are an easy target, hobbyists catch the blame for the decline of
> coral while thousands of tons
> of coral is dredged up and burnt to make concrete or cut into blocks to
> houses. The amount of coral taken as live coral for aquariums is so tiny
> compared to the big problems by it's self it would make no difference in
> coral
> population at all. But if you ask many professionals they will state that
> aquarium hobby is to blame in a heart beat. I am willing to take
> responsibility for my mistakes but I resent very much being blamed for what
> haven't done
> just because I don't have the political power of large corporations. As for
> Nick, he is more experienced than most of us put together and off hand
> about his experience when you don't know him is wrong.
I never intended to and hope did not. I usually don4t take and see things
personally as far it is not coming to insults. Discourse is besides
experience the best way to improve ones own knowledge and oppinion. In this
I strictly follow my beloved philosopher Immanuel Kant and his "critical
rationalism". And even mor his "categoric imperative". Thus I love what is
going on on this NANFA forum. I already learned a lot and hope could
contribute vice versa. And I even more hope to meet some of you personally
when coming to the USA next time.

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