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Todd Crail (
Tue, 13 Jan 2004 10:18:09 -0500

Mr. Z recently introduced me to a wonderful food...

It's Piscene Energetics M.Y.S.I.S.

It's another species of mysis shrimp, but this food stuff is far superior to
the San Fransico Bay and Hikari. These things are little steaks and I've
yet to meet a fish that could fit it in it's mouth that hasn't totally
destroyed it (the lepoard danios kinda rip it apart ;) I discovered that
many reef aquarists have found their way to this food and have made their
aquaristic pursuits much more enjoyable feeding less crap to get the right
amount of food to the animals. I'm very excited about the implications on
my sandbed systems, as they were able to tolerate all the extra crap without
too much hassle :)

They don't put all the filler in like SFB and they're whole pieces of the
critters. They have an obscene protein content (like 67% guaranteed
analysis) and I think also have a lot of omega 3 fat stores and such... I've
gotten the curvature out of my greensides and banded darters in total of 4
days. And... Feeding half as much food. I'm sure that I'm going to enjoy
much better success keeping these fish that seem to have incredibly high
metabolisms (greensides, banded) It would be interesting to know how black
banded and bluespot sunfish do with them.

There are online mail order places. (under
food) but I would highly recommend you recommend this brand to your local
shops. I did with mine... The guy about lost it when they came in. His
comment was "There's so much meat in there, they don't even really freeze
stiff". :)

In the case of my local shop, they are selling it for the same price as the
Hikari, but some places are offering it for a little bit more. In any case,
it's worth whatever they're charging!


It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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