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PaddlefishPlease see the website below for the fish id. You can respond on
list if you like and I will forward all comments to Dave.

He is one of the old time "professionals" of the industry and also one that
has not lost his passion ;)

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I subscribe to the Aquatic Information Listserve that is used for
information exchange by aquarists in public aquariums.

I was trying to identify a photo of a fish that was spotted in a large
fish market in Amsterdam. Only the front part of the fish is in the photo.
It looks a lot like a bowfin and a couple of aquarists identified it as such
but I didn't think bowfin had been introduced to Europe.

I was going a Google search and happened across a posting of fish for
export from the US. I was surprised at the content because I was under the
impression that paddlefish were commercially protected. I figured people on
your listserv should know.

The post:

Company: Larry D Rumbaugh
Address: 2882 Cabin Creek Dr
Zipcode: 28609
City: Catawba
Country: USA
Tel: (828) 695-8663
Fax: (828) 695-8663

I have for export (fairly large quantities of):

1.Paddlefish Caviar
2.Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar
3.Bowfin Caviar
4.Paddlefish (frozen)
5.Soft Shell Turtles (Live or Dressed)
6.Snapper Turtles (Live or Dressed)

Interested ?

I would appreciate any information on this and also if anyone knows if
bowfin are in Europe as life fish or are in the markets.



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