Re: NANFA-- A little Respect for the Flier - Centrarchus

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 13 Jan 2004 22:38:36 -0600

Fliers are really cool sunfish. I raised a half dozen in a tank, and then
moved them out to the pond last spring. They did well in the pond over the
summer - I can only hope they are doing that well this winter- and were
usually available to watch. I figured they would hide all the time, but they
were out in the open, and interesting to watch. If they survive winter, then
I may be able to witness spawning this coming season.

They ate small fish, worms, and shrimp for me. They were not interested in
pellets or other prepared foods.

If someone is thinking about getting a crappie (s), I would reccomend the
flier instead. They are more sturdy in the aquarium, stay smaller, but act
and look similar enough. Plus they take worms more readily. The nicest thing
is the way the fins frame the body and give it a discus like shape. Too bad
they lose the eye spot in the dorsal fin as they mature, that is one of the
coolest thing about the young ones.

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