Re: NANFA--now pet peeve

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 12:12:24 -0600

Please don't assume I am being ridiculous, I am just trying to keep these
posts as short as possible. I don't believe in black helicopters, I don't
think everything should just die or get out of the way there is a buck to be
made. But in the same , I believe anything, anyone, financed with my tax
money better lay out what is going on, why its going on, and just what the
hell is being done with it. So far all levels of government have a terrible
track record of this. It would be nice to see reports in the paper. But I
guess too much sports and celebrity action to make room for important

I am not talking about putting them where they weren't. I am talking about
putting them back where they were. In most cases this would be above dams
where water quality improved and suitable habitat exists, or down stream
past impoundments or other blockages to migration.

Besides, the lawmakers seem to be able to push it through right quick if
it's something that will bring in more revenue. Like your flathead catfish
dump anywhere example. They can do anything they want, but will they? I
think in some cases of the state crapitol would let the DNR just do their
job, things would be better.

Here's a good one right on this subject : Hanging signs of " rare longears"
near fishing areas. They don't even use the right form of longear. Then you
look in the water and they are swimming every where, shallow slow areas are
pock marked with their nests. Hmm, money for silly signs, that contradict
what is right before your eyes in the real world. That kind of sums up my
opinion on this topic.


> Ray... Do you realize what _volume_ of paper work and study needs to be
> before they can just "move" a species into a habitat where it doesn't
> currently exist? >
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