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Thu, 15 Jan 2004 19:57:29 GMT

Hi Sajjad,

Sure, I should have thought: Ray Ake - Ohio (also appreciate your mentioning where you are, had wondered having noticed your name on the list many times)

Also keep several tanks (OK, my wife would suggest that a half dozen is more than several, but she's not listening anyway) and a pond (hobby or obsession - your pick) Do breed tropicals, and goldfish - intend to succeed in breeding native fish this year! Relatively new to keeping native fishes, have had tropicals for about 35 years. Planning a trip to Florida this March {{yes, Moon, will let you know if I come across what your looking for}} and will be collecting a very few native fish to bring home (have two 20's only that are open and set up etc). I keep working on plants, do better with algae . . . $ for needed lights are always an item of budgetary conversation around here.

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Hi Ray,

How are you doing? Hope you are well.

Do you have a last name or initial you could use along with "Ray"?
We've got a couple of other gentlemen by the name of Ray on this
list and it's a bit easier on the reader if you could uniquely
identify yourself.

If you don't want to use your last name, that is fine. You could
use your state's name like "Ray, Eastern Tennessee".

My name is Sajjad Lateef and I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago.
I keep 4 native fish tanks as a hobby but I do not breed
the fish (too much work). I've been in this hobby since about 1998.
I also like to keep aquatic plants and all of my tanks are
densely planted.

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