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Todd Crail (
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 17:44:07 -0500

This will be of interest to some of you folks... This is the announcemnt of
a publication by Steve Haslouer, NANFAn and listmember. Great work Steve!


The Central Plains Center for BioAssessment is pleased to announce the
publication of Taxonomic Synonymy of Kansas Fish Collections, 1855-1995 by
Steve Haslouer. This publication is currently available as a downloadable
PDF file on the Central Plains Center for BioAssessment's existing website under the "fish" section of the "links" page. The direct
link to the document is

As stated in the introduction:

This publication presents the current common and scientific names
recommended by Nelson et al. (2003), along with past synonyms,
misattributions, and misspellings, in an attempt to expedite
recognition of species reported in the literature. It follows the
example of Cross (1967) and includes observations made by that author
regarding the validity of past species identifications. It has been
updated to include published scientific literature cited by Cross and
Collins (1995) and recent taxonomic revisions. Unpublished works
that reference poorly studied geographic areas are also included.
Referenced publications not dealing directly with the "natural
history" of fish assemblages from Kansas were omitted (i.e., those
dealing with single species propagation or management). Species
introduced to Kansas waters since the publication of Cross and
Collins (1995), as noted in Potts, Collins, and Shaw (1999), have
been added to the listing. A bibliography of referenced publications
is included.

Questions concerning the content may be directed to the author at Printed copies of this publication are
available upon request to the author or the Central Plains Center for

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