NANFA-- Thanks, Ray (was biology-Collecting ethics)

Christopher Scharpf (
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 07:26:45 -0400

Thanks, Ray, It's good to know that these long digressions into periperhally
related matters are not immediately deleted by everyone. :-)

Welcome to the list....and to NANFA!

Chris Scharpf

"Protecting species is the same intrinsic gesture as preserving the original
documents and constitutions of an entire civilization, or the love letters
of grandparents."
-- Craig Childs, The Secret Knowledge of Water

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> Subject: RE: NANFA-- biology-Collecting ethics
> As a relative new comer to NANFA, I have been following this and several
> related threads with keen interest and delight even though I have not felt
> that I had commentary that needed to be included. It is horrible difficult to
> articulate those things which are most important and strike to the center of
> our beliefs and understandings. Because of the deep importance these foci
> have for some of us, passion and emotion can not help but swirl almost out of
> control as we struggle to come to an understanding of our own individual moral
> truths. I simply wish to thank all of you who participated through-out this
> conversation for pushing me to delve much deeper into these issues than I ever
> would have chosen to do on my own. Honestly, it validates and gives tremendous
> worth to NANFA - gives reason and substance to belonging. Thanks again - I
> trust that those who may have found their feelings hurt can hear that without
> ALL parties this conversation would have been far less.
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