Re: NANFA-- New Food Dood.

Todd Crail (
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:52:36 -0500

A pleasant suprise... I have a trout-perch I've been keeping for a month as
a potential voucher from Apple Creek for the OSU Museum and to get photos,
as much info out of the specimen as possible. I only expected him to begin
to waste, and then at that point, stop the suffering. He did as I'm sure so
many before him have... And began wasting. It was nearing the time to dump
him in the sauce. But...

It seems to have a particular liking to this PE mysid shrimp. In fact, it's
got a round belly right now (whereas it wouldn't touch _anything_ else).

Still not a pig like some species, and will require less aggressive feeding
tank mates... But this certainly does give me hope to work with the species
over the long term.

Now... How the heck do I get all the fatty accumulations off my "melting
containers" without using some kind of detergent? Vinegar? Man they get
disgusting fast. But I'm certainly not complaining... I used to pay big
bucks for Selcon to have this "problem"! :)


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> Todd's right, this is a superior food. If you don't buy it at your LFS,
> certainly get it from premium aquatics below. They donated equipment to
> 2003 NANFA Convention auction in Huntsville.
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