Re: NANFA-- New Food Dood.

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 13:26:16 -0600

Or did Mike mean frozen shrimp we buy to eat?

I use salad and medium sized shrimp to feed many of my things, not just
fish. I usually thaw it in a microwave first. The salad shrimp are great, a
pound is about a buck usually. Pretty cheap , even compared to
nightcrawlers, plus you can get it all the time easily. Not to mention
sharing your snack with your fish =). They can be smashed between your
fingers and the small pieces are devoured by small fish. Salamanders and my
monitor lizards like these treats too. The monitors I feed the medium ones
with the tail shell on. I also use this for the larger sunfish, polypterids,
bowfin and gar. The medium sized ones can be smashed up into small fragments
easily too for smaller animals.

The shrimp works pretty good, even black bandeds who are picky eat it. I
have not tried it with elassoma, which are notorious for not eating non
living foods. The badis species I keep that are the same way , eat it with
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