Re: NANFA-- Termometers
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:03:30 EST

i was wondering what a termometer was :)
i to, as ray, have used a digital thermometer indoor/outdoor in the cement
pond. i suspect the probe will work well even into the depths of the pool. ive
only used it at the waterfall pools area ( brr... the water is 40 degrees
lately ). however the line is generally only 10' long. i wonder if i could splice
into the line w/ similiar diameter wire and still get the same readings. ?
if so i could monitor and compare temps at various depths.
im also looking for some kind of clear plastic jewelry case or similiar that
i can use to make the small led device weather proof.
its amazing how different thermo readings can be. i have 2 trout thermometers
along w/ the digital and they consistantly have a 5 degree temp range. 2 are
close, the other is always 4 degrees less.
i have seen some ph readers but they are over $100 and have short lines on
because ph flucuates i would like to monitor it conveniently from my living
room with a quick glance.
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