NANFA-- A whole new can o' woims

Todd Crail (
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 23:00:14 -0500

Greetings Listizens... Gonna try Sajjad's new formatting
principle tonight of 60 characters per lin. Man I only get
like six words per line. Get ready to scroll! :)

Went and visited the tank at the elementary school that I
set up recently. It's a 150 gallon, has a 4-5" sandbed,
was seeded with the real stuff this time (I dug up two
storage tubs of sediment from Ten Mile Creek) and has
hornwort as the dominant plant. Looks like this:

Well it did anyway... The thing is a solid brick of hornwort
now lol. Looking at this picture, I can't believe how much
grew in a month. I will probably be pulling about two five
gallon buckets worth out when I go back. That's an
optomistic minimum. I'll get pics before I pull it out.

So anyway, on it's "cycle", with a ton of light, indirect
sunlight behind it, it only finally obscurred the view with
algae on the sunny side now after a month and a half. I'm
pretty happy with that.

Snails have been reproducing. The jury is still out on
wether that's a good thing or not. I guess the worst case
scenario is they just get harvested occassionally by
running a net up the glass.

Something else has been brewing tho, and this is what has
me _really_ excited. Worms. Dunno what kind or
anything, but they had made their little trails in the sump
as thick as I've ever seen in any marine system, for sure.
They seem to build a tunnel out of detritus when they don't have substrate
around them. And they must have a
planktonic stage, else I can't figure out how they would
crawl down to the sump in such quantity over such a
short period, since they seem to like to keep something
around them.

I messed them all up when I topped off the sump, but I
imagine that they'll have rebuilt by the time I get back
there next week. Photos for sure. Hopefully they have a
disecting scope there with a camera. Then maybe we
can ID these. More later as I have better documentation.

Okay. This formatting really sucks. It's totally killing my
stream of consciousness and giving information a
chore. Sajjad... Copy the text to Notepad and see if
that doesn't help you out. This ain't workin' man. :)


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