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Hi Todd, The killie folks have been getting extremely good results in curing wasting problems if due to intestinal parasites using Flubendazole. Note that this is not Fenbendazole that Nick mentioned. They have found Flubendazole to be more water soluable, and seems to be taken up by the fish through its skin, so consumption is not needed. They have also found it to treat velvet, hydra, and external parasites. 1/2 gram per 10g is the recommended dosage, though it is thought that you can not overdose the fish with this drug because only a certain amount of it dissolves in water. Some people have said they sprinkle it on the water surface, and I have tried that as well, but I prefer to try to make a slurry and then pour it in the tank. It's more water solluable, but is still a bear to get the stuff to dissolve. In fact, it would be good to dose freshly caught fish as a preventative I think. The praise for this drug has been unbelievable. You can get it from Florida Tropical F
h Farms here: it's listed on page 7. If you want, just knock off the crap after .com and go to their front page. They have 3 sizes of it. HTH, Ron

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DATE: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 18:15:02
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>Thanks for all the responses folks. I think I'm going to do a quarantine
>with salt and feed in the dewormer. I only suggested the metronidiazole
>because I knew it worked with _some_ gut parasites. Maybe people who've
>worked with a lot of wild acquisitions like the zoo folks have a better
>suggestion? Any suggestions? A tiny bit off the dog stuff?
>Thanks again
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