Re: NANFA-- -31 in Fargo this morning/longgggg^ish

Todd Crail (
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:13:35 -0500

I guess it just depends on what you like to do. I've been without heat for
two days when it was 10 degrees out, and it wasn't bad at all (house only
got down to 35). The reef critters hated it, but that's a whole different
issue. Wouldn't want to do it long term... But I guess my point is... You
only need heat to _rest_, not live... And I was able to get plenty of rest
under the sleeping bags when it was all chilly. In fact it was sorta like a
vacation because I had to stay home to refill the generator, so I mostly
slept through the whole thing. What a dream... A pile of pillows and
blankets and absolutely nothing to do but sleep!

Certainly, water "sport" is much more enjoyable when it's hot than when
cold, but that's why we came up with neoprene :) Even still, I've been out
when it wasn't enjoyable in the heat because my glasses would fog up and get
huge drip accumulations from my sweat even though I was in the water and
taking continual dips and mosquitos and sneezing and yuck! You like that?

And if we were talking something like, um, prarie restoration, which is
another huge hobby of mine... I've been out when the windchill was -30 and
the chainsaws were freezing up and the wind was howling and I wasn't ever
uncomfortable... However, do that with even half the effort in the August
Heat & Humidity (Humidity is a lot worse here in Ohio at common latitudes
than in the plains because of the Appalachians) and even if you STAYED
hydrated and continually rung out your clothes so you could move because
sweat doesn't evaporate during that month... You'd still end up with a heat

I've only _not done_ conservation work because it was too danged hot. Too
danged cold has never even come close to stopping anything, well, except for
a chainsaw. And loppers and axes always work :)

But I guess this is one of those where the mileage varies... :)

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> Atleast you can be out sweating in the heat of August. When it is 0 in
> January you cannot stay out too long no matter how many layers of clothes
> you have on. I would also rather be sweating than have my skin so dry it
> cracks and falls off. Electric shocks from several inches away. Not to
> mention how nothing seems to work in the cold. Cars won't start, then ride
> like lumber wagons. And always something going wrong in the cold, pipes
> bust, power out then what? You can live without A/C, you cannot live
> heat.
> Besides, working with water when its hot is much more comfortable than
> its cold. Even 40 degree water starts to reddin the skin and make joints
> sore. I guess if you can stay inside all winter, and enjoy that, then
> isn't so bad. I need to get outside, and a little heat never stops me. But
> this morning - 3 did.
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