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Mark Otnes (
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 18:50:21 -0600

One thing the cold does do is keep the population down. I think we've got
like 9.3 people per square mile on an average for the state. Some of our
westen counties have less than one per square mile. For seven or eight
months of the year it's God's country, I just feels like someone else takes
over for the rest of the year.

Mark Otnes
Fargo ND

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> Lee:
> There's a nice balance here in Santa Barbara. In a bad
> year it might get all the way up to around 90 or so. But
> the winters can be real killers. A couple of years ago we
> had one day that was all the way down to + 45. Most
> of the year it's in the 65-85 range. Not too hard to take.
> But don't everybody start thinking of migrating here. Once
> The Lovely Anne and I relocated here from back East, we
> realized it was getting sort of crowded. ;- )
> Bob Sinclair
> Santa Barbara CA (formerly from Lee's part of the world)
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