Re: NANFA-- parasite removal

Todd Crail (
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 23:35:42 -0500

I thought other fish you'd had already showed infection too? Maybe it was
just the mummis? Which I wouldn't be suprised after that came out of the
methylene or copper bath they were probably in, being that while it keeps
the parasites in check, it also totally kills the fish's immune system.

Hopefully this is the case and you can just help ease their pain, which it
sounds like you're accomplishing :)

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Subject: Re: NANFA-- parasite removal

> The mummi's weren't very healthy when I first got them. Bait shop
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> > I'd also look into what system stress had compromised formerly "stable"
> fish
> > to take a beating from a recently introduced external parasite they
> > normally slime right off. While I'm beginning to change my view on
> > gastrointestinal parasites and what role they play in fish health...
> > External parasites on everybody has always proven there's a system
> > which I've found is best solved by correction. Might want to check
> > that too. pH? Nitrate? Stray Volts? Low Dissolved O2/High organic
> content?
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