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Stan Perkins (
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 10:25:38 -0600

I am going to preach now! All sinners sit down and listen!

The NUMBER ONE RULE of aquarium keeping or of animal husbandry. QUARANTINE

We would not have to listen to forty odd 'cures' if we all followed this
basic rule.
> > > > I didn't have any parasites at all until I put the mummichog in the
> > tank.
> > > I
> > > > knew I was taking a chance, but I needed the fish for a photo shoot,

You don't have to have a spare aquarium to do this in. Heck go down to
Walmart and buy a cheap plastic container add some aquarium water and a
cured sponge filter and monitor the animals. Keep them there for a week or
two just to be sure. (I hear the screams a coming! A week ---- or two! I
don't ........ Hush you is the boss - you set the time you feel comfortable
This is especially a good time for wild caught fish. Secondly dip those fish
in a formalin bath to remove some of the ectoparasites. Do not place the
water from the bag into your quarantine water. Use seperate utinsils and
nets that should be well marked! Soak all of these in a sanitizing soulution
of 2-3 ounces of bleach per gallon of water. SOAK for at least 15 minutes
if there is no organic material present. Keep it in there longer if there

Internal parasites are more difficult to treat than ectos. No single cure
works well on all genera present. Wild caught animals will surely have a
well established internal fauna. My suggestion is to never mix wild caught
animals with captive bred ones unless you don't care about passing on

Enough! Husbandry - not Medicine is the key to healthy animals. Enjoy
your hobby!

Stan Perkins
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