Re: NANFA--- Pygmy Killifish

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 00:02:35 -0700

Here is what I did and spawned my ommata several years ago. Anyone can do
this if I did it the, way I did it. I had a 1 gallon wonder world plexi tank
and put it on a high shelf in the fish room. I had a pair and a trio in tea
water ( brownish acidic soft) and the temps probably into the high 70's. I
fed them mostly bbs. The tank was solid mops and had an inch of dark gravel
on the bottom. No filter or air to it at all. I would change almost all the
water once a week. I would then check the mops, and pick tiny 1/16inch eggs
and put them in the oleo tubs ( butter containers hyuck hyuck) and wait a
week or so and had nearly 100% hatch, keeping them at the same temps as the
parents tank. I then moved the fry to a jar of green water in a window
sill. They could eat bbs in about two weeks. Easier yet is to put them
outside in a heavily planted plastic tub in the shade, leave it alone and in
3 months you should have a good number of babies. Keep them indoors in the
winter, as they do not tolerate water under 60 degrees to well. This is
what I do now, and just spawn them in tanks indoors during the winter if I
have time to mess with them, atleast keep parent stock going for the coming
spring. Great fish, and outside get so colorful you would swear that they
would blow any other fish away at a fish show.

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