NANFA-- Re: Getting Rid of Snails

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Sun, 01 Jul 2001 22:15:59 -0400

> Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 10:01:46 -0400
> From: "George Arndt"
> does anyone know how to get rid of snails. i have them in my tanks and in
> my ponds. and of course i do have water hyacinth which is not salt
> tolerant.
> could there be a fish that would eat the smails. even a tropical fish if he
> could clean it up outside in the hot summer it would be good. I have the
> common pond snail and the common ram snail.
> george

If the snails are not harming the plant life you might as well keep them
and be glad for them. Snails will help keep some plants free of hair

If you want to cut their numbers down, try sunfish. Or maybe a few young
turtles. When the turtles get bigger you'll have to remove them because
they start eating plants.

Or put peices of lettuce in the water to attract and trap them.

The Ramshorn snails are the more desirable species to have around if you
just aim at thinning the population.


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