Re: NANFA-- red shiner/green sunfish, and humour

Christopher Scharpf (
Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:13:56 -0400

Ray Wolff wrote:

> Red shiner, the green sunfish of cyprinids? I swear if you cut a green
> sunfish into little pieces and throw them back in the water, each piece will
> grow into a new green sunfish. Also green sunfish get out and walk across
> land at night when the dew is heavy.

True! There was a paper on that in Dopeia. :-)

> Seriously, an interesting thing I have seen green sunfish do, and my Dad has
> seen goldfish do this in his goldfish pond he just built, they will follow
> terrestrial insects walking along the shore, they will beach themselves,
> grab the bug, and flip back in the water.


On a similar note, Dave "Dr. Fish" Schleser told me during one of our Amazon
trips that there's a species of Rivulus that jumps onto land, allows itself
to be covered with ants, jumps back into the water, then eats the ants from
the surface! I've never seen this confirmed in any scientific literature,
but if true, that's one awesome feeding strategy!

Chris Scharpf

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