Re: NANFA--Off Topic: Ambystoma tigrinum
Tue, 3 Jul 2001 17:39:49 EDT

The first Tiger Salamander larvae I bought was sold as a mudpuppy. It
proceeded to loose it's gills and climb out of the aquarium and was found
later on dried up in the furnace. $25 dollars is a rip off as I have never
seen them for more than around $10. In the aquarium they are predacious and
would be unlikely to eat flakes of any kind. Worms, fish, shrimp and other
meaty foods are accepted but living foods are eaten more readily. They can be
gluttons. Once they attain their land form they are very secretive and will
be seldom seen in the terrarium. They shouldn't be kept with smaller animals
as the tiger will make a meal of them. They have been known to even eat mice.
Tigers need lots of room and a twenty long aquarium would be about right for
one tiger salamander. In my area they are often sold as aquarium animals and
the dealer always assures the prospective buyer that they will never leave
the water. I have seen several different color phases from almost completely
black to many yellow stripes. Due to their secretive nature they do not make
good display animals. It should be reiterated that these are not aquarium
animals nor would they live in such a small plastic box as described.


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