Re: NANFA--Off Topic: Ambystoma tigrinum

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 4 Jul 2001 01:00:40 -0500

I have been keeping tiger, and other salamanders for many years. I have
raised some of them from eggs even. I think they make excellent pets, and
even seem to become tame running to the front glass . I had some once I was
raising that ate soft cat pellet food out of a dish, that is uncommon. I
prefer the ambystomid genus of salamanders, which tigers are a member of.
They are robust and don't require cold temps year round like many of the
lungless salamanders do. The one bait dealer I knew would drive his truck
around the country and pick up the larvae from people. Usually these are
larvae that turn up in cattle ponds, or fish ponds. The important thing is
, like NANFA does with its A.C., to inform new comers and give new
information to seasoned keepers of pets on correct husbandry. In regards to
how many animals could be harvested, it is unlikely in their preferred
habitat they could be caught very easily, unless one is willing to spend
days picking through swamps or similar rough areas. I would be willing to
bet that most of the ones you see are those that have been found in farm
ponds or similar areas where they can easily be seined out. I would seem
that crooked sales people are not going to work hard to get their product,
or those that get them for them would not for the low price they are
getting. As for maculatum not being good bait, all adult ambystomids can
emit a Elmer's* glue like substance, similar to that of toads, from the skin
on their tails. The critters that are sold that don't transform are often
axolotls ( spelling?). This is a very closely related specie to tigers, but
are found in Mexico. These are commercially bred for color like koi. They do
not transform since their native habitat is so arid other than the lakes
they live in. This is called neotony, which sort of means remaining "
juvenile". By stimulating their thyroid gland , they can be made to
transform. I learned how to do this , but its not a good Idea. These animals
are not meant to transform, and they don't seem to adapt to terrestrial

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