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On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Bob Bock wrote:

> I ate at a local seafood restaurant, and ordered some "Hoki." Anybody have
> any idea what that is?

Macruronus novaezelandiae

Hoki is a deepwater fish found only in the Southern Hemisphere. It is one
of the most abundant fish found around New Zealand and we also catch it
off Southern Australia. Closely related species also occur off South
America (Merluza de cola). Hoki is a Maori name meaning 'to return'.

It has a blue-green colour, with silvery sides. It is part of the Hake
family, and is also known as blue hake and blue grenadier. Hoki has a
delicate, white, moist flesh, with few bones. Fillets can be readily cut
into a wide range of portions.

Its typical length is 60-100cm (2-3 ft) and average weight is 1.5 kg
(3lb). Because the skin is very soft, free of scales and mild flavoured,
fillets are sold and consumed both with the skin on and skin off. Fillet
weights range from 100-550 g (4-20 oz ).

Hoki is caught year round by trawling at depths of 200-800 metres.

(ain't google da best?)

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