NANFA-- North Georgia trip

Mon, 9 Jul 2001 17:55:47 -0400


Yesterday i took my 2 nephews (Aaron 13 and Scott 12) snorkeling and
collecting and we had a great time.We drove left and right and all of you
fish fanatics know the frustration involved in locating good spots (NO
I have located 3 nice streams in Pickens and Gordon counties which maybe
some of you know already but would like to organize a Nanfa outing if anyone
might be interested.
All 3 streams can be snorkeled but one only had really exceptionnal
clarity.All were popullated with Darters (Speckled, Blackbanded, the
endangered Etowah and 2 others species which i am working on I.D. right
now), Shiners, Suckers and Sunfishes (No "spotted" Ray, sorry ;-) among
others species.
We didn't keep anything and just observed while seining and snorkeling
sometimes in 5 feet deep pools sometimes laying in 10 inches deep riffles
and lifting rocks as Darters, Suckers and crayfish were uncovered.
I was surprised at some big "Alabama Hog Sucker" (Hypentelium etowanum)
letting us litteraly pet them as long as we didn't move too fast.
The highlight of the day was the collection of a huge rusty colored Sculpin
with 3 black lateral bands close to the tail.
My guess would be the Banded Sculpin (Cottus Carolinae) but i ain't too good
at I.D. fish yet.
It was simply splendid and we quickly returned him (her?) to his home.
If anyone is interested please post or e-mail me.I was planning the week-end
of the 28th/29th.Either day is good for me.I guess 3 week notice might be
That is just before the Dave Nelley Alabama trip.Why before?
Because my trip would probably look stupid after his so i would rather have
it before ;-)

Best regards,

Atlanta, GA

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