Re: NANFA-- possible NY legislation to criminalize wild pet trade

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 00:38:13 -0500

This is the exact kind of thing when I and others start our " anti - big
government " rants are afraid of. A related and interesting tid bit. My
wife's cousin has a monitor lizard. She asked the Humane Society if they
take reptiles for possible placement. NO! They immediately put all animals
to sleep other than dogs, cats. They did not elaborate on exotic birds. She
was going to pass the lizard along to me, but had a change of heart and
decided to keep it. Its as tame as a puppy, to her. My wife confirmed at a
family get together, the lizard did not care much for strangers, especially
men. Her cousin carried it around much like someone would carry a new born
baby. My monitor is much different in personality. Its never been
aggressive to any one, but is hyperactive, much like small dogs are. I do
not trust it around people unfamiliar with large reptiles, and especially
children. Much different than my departed monitor, Baby. I took him to many
talks at clubs, and let even children pet him. Its too bad I lost him,
since he was a valuable tool in teaching people about living dragons.

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