NANFA-- North Georgia trip

Wed, 11 Jul 2001 22:30:49 -0400


Today the nephews asked to go back snorkeling.So i had no choice but to go
after work ;-).
We went to the closest of the 3 streams targeted for the trip but visited it
further down.
It forks and both sides are interesting.
The water was clear enough but too shallow at times so we had to walk short
distances between pools.
This stream isn't loaded with fish but has a nice diversity.
The known species observed or collected were Etowah Darter(2), Bronze
Darter(4), Speckled Darter(1), Speckled Madtoms(2),Rainbow Trout, Redbreast
Sunfish, Bluegills, Redeye Bass, Tricolor Shiners, Alabama Hog Suckers.
2 or 3 Shiners species i just can't quite I.D. yet including a big Shiner
with large scales, colored bright blue including a large dorsal of the same
color (Only one was caught or observed).
The pros help will be needed here in a few days.
Another fish caught could be the "Riffle minnow" (Phenacobius catostomus)
but i am not 100 % sure yet since the body looked alike the one in the book
but the colors don't match.I'll figure it out i just didn't get a chance to
open the books for long.
All fish were released back into the stream.


Atlanta, GA

My main reference is "Fishes of Alabama and the mobile basin"

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