NANFA-- collecting the past couple days

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 21 Jul 2001 23:27:14 -0500

I have been doing some collecting the past couple days. Most of it was spots
on the river here, with a side trip to some little ponds in the woods to
look for salamanders. I did catch some salamander larvae, but have to
transform the couple I kept to see what kinds they are.

For the most part all sites on the river gave the same species of fish. Some
had more types of one kind over the other. To keep this short I will
generalize. We seined three localities on the river, and on off the river in
some ditches in a cranberry marsh. The river sites, Chester Creek, Devils
Elbow, and Sailors Rock were tried the past couple days. We caught some
type of buffalo or carpsucker, bluntnose minnows, river shiners, johnny
darters, white bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch,
bluegill, white and black crappie, and spotfin shiners. The oddest thing
was Devils elbow was packed with fish Friday morning. This afternoon the
water was so hot it was uncomfortable to wade in, and there were no fish
near shore. We managed to get a few out deep down the bank in the lily and
lotus pads. But only a couple. The ditch at the cranberry marsh was full of
gorgeous golden shiners that were pretty big - the males deep bodied like
sunfish and gold with orange fins tipped in black ( they were goldens, not
rudds or tinfoil barbs) , and also rock bass, smallmouth bass, green
sunfish, bluegill and white crappie. On the last swipe we managed to bank a
very large snapping turtle. It was not amused and bit at the net furiously.
We dropped the net on top of the dike and let it run ( it ran too) back to
the water. Good thing it had not previouly thought our ankles were a good
meal. It was large enough it could have taken a chunk of flesh the size of
your fist. That is the joy of murky water, never know when you will run
into a northern gator.


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