Re: NANFA-- Another Trojan?

Rhonda Wilson (
Sun, 22 Jul 2001 19:49:51 -0700

I got those last night also. It was really odd. They both came from
someone I know through fish keeping. The first was called "Subject: I'm
still laughing!!!!" and the second was "Subject: the punch line." The
ones I got were both .tiff files. They were huge files, and seemed to do
something just in downloading, from email, without being executed. Since
I know I received them I have to wonder if anyone got them from me.



"R. W. Wolff" wrote: > > Mine was not from Ann, but had the same symbols. This was the nasty one that > started to load itself into my system. Since i got one of these from work > as well, I think this is a wide spread thing. I talked with my ISP and they > said nothing can really be done, aside from buying software filters. It is a > good Idea to block these senders, and never ever reply. The ISP also > suggested that this is possibly " hate Spam" that not only is annoying, but > could spread virus'. > Ray

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