Re: NANFA-- heat-tolerant sculpins -- Neeley

Dave Neely (
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 12:41:14 -0500

>Dave Neeley, I think you can answer this one --
>Where can the most heat-tolerant sculpins be found?

The Ozarks are warm, I'll grant folks that, but not like southern Alabama.
There's a suite of undescribed critters sort of similar to "banded sculpins"
in the southern Mobile Basin, several populations of which occur over sand
and presumably spawn in leafpack or in rootwads. Some of these streams get
REALLY warm in the summer, and are doggone close to the Gulf of Mexico.

The sculpins Moon has are a weird population of Cottus caeruleomentum from
the Coastal Plain of Maryland, and reach a max size of about 2", but those
streams stay fairly cool year-round. I've discussed this population a bit on
the list before...

There's a couple of other options if you wanted to get really exotic...
Cottus asper occurs in some small streams in southern California which get
fairly warm, and are really well-marked. There's also some anadromous and
fluvial sculpins in Korea and southern Japan which can tolerate relatively
warm water.


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