Re: NANFA-- The Oregon water situtation

Jay DeLong (
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 14:28:27 -0700

At 11:12 AM 7/25/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Here is some stuff from the other side, just thought maybe someone would
>like to here both sides of the story.

I visited that Klamath basin crisis page and saw stuff unrelated to the
Klamath issue, and some of the same weird name-calling "eco-terrorist"
lingo some folks and groups are so fond of throwing around. I guess their
motive is to suggest that the issue is part of a bigger problem by
associating unrelated issues. Clearly, though, they feel the rights of
people to drive species to extinction are greater than the rights of the
species to survive. Someone tell me again how the private sector is going
to save animals from extinction?

I don't think there are just two sides to this. Most issues are like
spheres with many many viewpoints. We usually have a few dominant views of
them at any given time due to our lack of imagination; let's face it--
intellectually we humans are infants. We barely understand issues and have
a lousy grasp of our environment and a blurry or non-existent future
vision. How are we going to solve this? Common ground is what we
need. Start by realizing that perceptions and goals affecting our
environment aren't usually based on clear thinking or logic, but instead on
personal views like family backgrounds and politics and greed and media
influences and religious faith and social status and profit and on and
on. I said it before and I'll say it again-- when it comes to resource
planning, take away those selfish/personal ingredients and base decisions
on science and logic and future health. And keep them out of our schools
and teach children (and adults when possible!) HOW to think instead of WHAT
to think. This has nothing to do with squashing ideas, but all ideas
should be subjected to objective scrutiny if they are going to affect our
shared society or environment.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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