NANFA-- Longears Spawned! What do I feed 'em?

Claudette Goldstein (
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 19:47:55 +0000

My longears decided to spawn during my move from OH to KY! I didn't find out
until I had poured the aquarium water down the toilet & saw a hundred or so
pinkish things w/black spots swimming in my toilet!

Unfortunately, That was the last of the water in that tank. I immediately
poured some fresh water into the newly emptied tank & saw a few still
amongst the scattered gravel. I sucked them out with extra airline tubing
(almost swallowed a couple!) over 3 days (it's VERY hard to catch these
little guys...swimming pepper!).

I was only able to recover 11 survivors in the moving incident...I feel
*really* bad about the whole thing...I had been waiting for them to spawn
for 6 months!.

Anyway, I have the 11 babes in a ten gallon (pre-established tank, just
drained to 4" for the move...) with 3 hours light/day, pea-sized gravel, a
creek rock, amazon sword babies, anacharis, and an airstone. I took out the
filter because I thought they've been through enough abuse! It's a week
later now & I'm wondering if I should be feeding them something!

Water changes in small amounts are about every 2 days. They are about 2mm
long with bright red eyes & transparent bodies that illuminate bluish when I
shine a flashlight at them.

Do I need filtration now? If not, then when & how to filtrate without
sucking them up?

My local pet stores aren't well stocked for live foods (especially for lil'
ones) or even for fry...I could only find brine shrimp eggs (I've never been
able to get them to hatch!) and 'Liquifry'-one for egg layers and one for

Since I only have 11 I'm afraid of overfeeding...

If I had to guess when they hatched it would be somewhere around the
12th-16th of July. I'm really not sure.

Any advice or referrals would be greatly appreciated!

I feel *really*, *really* terrible! ):


BTW- these were the only losses during my move [unless you count a
mattress...but then that story is for my mattress list... ;) ]

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