Re: NANFA-- bullhead help
Sun, 7 Jul 2002 17:27:19 EDT

Ray that was an incredibly detailed description of that fish. I can only say
that you obviously spend too much time looking at fish ;-) I'm not sure I
could describe fish I've had for several years in that much detail. I have no
idea if bullheads can cross breed but is it possible it could have been a
sport coloration of a bullhead instead of a cross? maybe kinda like black
gambusia (sorry to mention gambusia in the same sentence as catfish) Can you
get a picture? I am interested in odd color catfish, I have noticed that
catfish seem to have less variation than say sunfish in markings. I know a
pond in W.Va. that has channel cats in it that are gold instead of gray. Very
pretty fish. I first saw them when I was about 10 years old but I didn't
realize the gold color was odd. We called them golden catfish. they still had
the spots and blue sides but the head and upper body was golden. I wish I had
a few of them now. who is going to be chatting tonight? I am going to try and
be there, how about you Ray?

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