NANFA-- repeat announcement- Live Food Culture Manual is available

Jay DeLong (
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 20:25:37 -0700

Good news, live fish food fans. Fisheries and Oceans Canada has granted
NANFA permission to reproduce this out-of-print book: Lawrence, S.G. 1981.
Manual for the culture of selected freshwater invertebrates. Can. Spec.
Publ. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 54: 169 pp.

Here is Jan Hoover's description: "This book describes culture and mass
culture techniques for ramshorn snails, Daphnia (D. magna, D. pulex), brine
shrimp, scuds (separate sections for Hyalella and Gammarus lacustris),
bloodworms (Chironomus), and burrowing mayflies (Hexagenia). Chapters are
written in a standard format: detailed text on life history and ecology and
toxicology, and cookbook style outlines on collection, isolation,
cultivation, and maintenance."

Here are some items that may help you decide if you want the book:

cover (not much help really...):

contents page:

Selected freshwater invertebrates representative of various trophic levels
are grown or held at the Freshwater Institute for purposes of studying basic
physiological and nutritional relationships, effects of toxic materials on
morphological and physiological phenomena and effects of continued
laboratory culture on population dynamics, physiology and morphology.
Tetrahymena vorax, Helisoma trivolvis, Artemia sp., Daphnia magna, D. pulex,
Hyalella azteca, Gammarus lacustris lacustris, Orconectes virilis,
Chironomus tentans and Hexagenia rigida have been cultured continuously for
two or more generations.

Procedures for culturing organisms on various nutritional bases are outlined
in detail so that organisms of known history, age, physiological condition
and number can be produced for given experimental purposes on schedule.
Techniques such as storage of partly developed eggs or over-wintering
animals, artificial insemination of insect egg masses, washing procedures
and production of given life phases specifically for use in toxicological
studies are described.

Methods for collecting and transporting organisms from the field are
outlined; specific environmental preferences, diseases and parasites, and
geographic distribution are described and discussed. A list of pertinent
literature on the culture, taxonomy, ecology and uses in toxicological
research of each species is provided. Culture procedures which are in
developmental stages are described for a number of invertebrates.


If you want the book, do this:

Send me a check or money order for $30 made out to me (Jay DeLong).

My address is:
Jay DeLong
3806 Goldfinch Dr. SE
Lacey, WA, USA 98503

I'll make you a nice copy, spiral bound with a heavy paper cover. I'll send
it to you by Media Mail. Add $2 if you prefer Priority Mail. I will make a
donation to NANFA of approximately $7/book for NANFA's operating budget and


A few more comments:

1- It's not jammed with text and photos and frivolous details. It's rather
to-the-point regarding the biology of these animals and how to culture them.
The culture portions are rather like cookbook style.

2- It's not a fish book or a fish food book. It deals with culturing select
invertebrates native to the northern part of North America.

3- Kinko's quoted me $19.19 to reproduce and bind each book. Add shipping
expenses to that and a small donation to NANFA and that's where the $30
price tag comes from. The book was originally provided free by Fisheries
and Oceans Canada, but is now permanently out of print.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA
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