NANFA-- Atlantic Salmon

Pete Liptrot (
Tue, 9 Jul 2002 09:24:52 +0100

> I just think we need to hold the aquaculture industry to
> higher standards-- don't allow escapees, treat effluent, and more-- and be
> willing to pay higher prices for their fish. The technology is there but
> expensive.

Just out of interest, many people over here, including myself now totally
avoid eating farmed Salmo salar, as medical guidelines indicate that due to
pesticide levels present more than one portion per week (whatever a 'portion
is) could be potentially damaging.
It is recommended that children should not eat farmed salmon at all, the
levels are so high!

These guidelines do not come from any fringe group of scaremongering
doctors, but from the general medical council if I remember rightly (I will
check the details if anyone is curious, I still have them at work).
The supposed regulatory bodies are absolutely ineffectual for various
reasons (the words 'incompetent and downright corrupt' could be applicable
Naturally, the companies involved pay tame 'scientists' to alter and obscure
problems, much as with the ones who claimed that there would be no impact on
wild Pacific Salmonids from escaped Salmo.
Cheerful way to start the day.....
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